From our President

“Producing Power of Turkey”
With reference to Mevlana’s words, “We did not plant any seeds, other than love, in these soils,” Konya Seker gives the power, it receives from its producers, back to its producers and fulfills its mission and creates the most beautiful model of bottom based capital.

It has brought visionary projects into being to develop agriculture in the country, improve agricultural industry and especially to be able to compete against the world. 

It has prioritized strategical investments for the future of its country, considers food safety important by taking human health into account and has a corner in the sugar market in the world today by being a pioneer in the sector and having reached world norms in production and costs.

The path we have taken is the path to unity and togetherness. We continue to produce and share to our Farmers, Nation and Country with this understanding.

Karaman Member of Parliament
Pankobirlik General Chairman