Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar

We answer questions about production tricks for you.

  • Is coal dust (activated coal) used in sugar production?
  • What are the socioeconomic contributions of sugar beet?
  • What are the general information about beet sugar production in Turkey?
  • What is the importance of sugar beet farming for our country?
  • What are the benefits brought by sugar beet farmers to our country?
  • Why are sugar beet production and sugar industry important?
  • How is sugar beet produced?
  • What is the importance of sugar beet?
  • Are there any additives in granulated sugar and cube sugar?
  • How many kilograms of beets are needed to obtain 1 kilogram of granulated sugar?
  • How long is the shelf life of crystal sugar?
  • How is cube sugar produced?
  • Why was cube sugar used to leave oil on the surface of tea in the past?
  • What is brown sugar?
  • Why is limestone used in sugar production, what is it for?
  • Is sugar diabetic patients consume produced from beet?
  • Is there a difference between cane sugar and beet sugar?
  • Are tastes of sugar produced by different plants different?