Points to take into consideration in agriculture


- Plants hosting fungus are avoided during rotation.
- SUBSOILER application should be provided immediately.
- Planting corn before sugar beet should be avoided.
- Growing of weeds in the field should be prevented.
- Good soil structure should be provided. Especially with suitable organic fertilizers, cover plant and proper soil tillage should be enabled (heavy machines may cause water pools in bad soil structure).
- Soil compaction must be reduced. Wide wheels with 0.4 bar pressure (5.8 psi) can be used.
- Rhizoctonia Root Rotting is frequently seen in sugar beet when corn is involved in rotation. For today, this disease has spread widely in the world and is seen in all types of soil.
- From now on, fungicide should be used at least once in agricultural lands, particularly in beet cultivation areas, as of 15th of June as a result of good follow-up.
- Beet cultivation should be suspended for 6-8 years in fields where especially rhizomania is determined by CPS devices.

Subsoiler application: One of the most important processes that should be done in field preparation is to break impermeable hard soil layer which is formed in tillage depth of the soil and called plow pan with subsoiler.

In fields where subsoiler is not applied, fungal diseases and bifurcation and deformities on sugar beet roots are seen more frequently. Harrow, chisel and subsoiler should be used for field leveling after tillage.

In fall, field should be tilled in shadow mellowness without taking raw soil in the botton layer to top.