Social Responsibilities

Konya Seker considers implementing projects, which encompass social benefits regarding issues, the society is sensitive to, among its main duties, as the leading institution in the agricultural industry.

Konya Seker is proud and peaceful with its sensitivity in social responsibility
Konya Seker has planted more than 19 million trees in Konya Plains. Its goal is as many trees as the population of Turkey!

Konya Seker’s forestation Works are based on giving back what you have taken from nature to nature. Having planted over 19 million trees so far with the aim of planting as many trees as the population of Konya, Konya Seker’s next target is to plant is to plant as many trees as the population of Turkey, 79 million. Purpose of Konya Seker is to change environmental conditions, which demonstrate their effects in the last few years as global warming and drought and to turn them into the favor of producers again. These efforts of Konya Seker began to give its first results and natural climatization, occurred thanks to the trees, reflect on the production of the farmers and positive results are achieved in fight against stink bug due to the biological life becoming livelier. Konya Seker planted over 19 million trees in 9.400 decares of collective forest areas, created in 66 different locations on 273 separate forestation courses, whose depths reach 8 to 10 rows on both sides, on 4.550 km distance on highways, which connect Konya to neighboring provinces and village roads. It created 9.400 decares of collective forest areas in 66 different locations and also distributed 465 thousand fruit saplings to farmers. Konya Seker takes care of the saplings it has planted until they can grow by themselves.

35 Agricultural engineers, forestation team, consisting of 450 persons and 40 irrigation Street sprinklers work for the forestation Works and Konya Seker takes care of the saplings it has planted until they can grow by themselves. Konya Seker also brought Sapling Production Center with the largest production capacity in Turkey at Cumra Integrated Sugar Facilities and this facility has a sapling production capacity of 3.1 million. Although the type of planted saplings vary according to the climate and soil characteristics of the region, they are generally such saplings as acacia, ash tree, alder, mahaleb, elm, elaeagnus, wild pear, hawthorn, oak, sycamore, almond, apricot, mulberry, walnut, linden, cedar, larch and blue cypress.

Torku Forest, created by Konya Seker, provides natural habitat for red deers, whose number is 14. In addition to deers, there are such animals as foxes, snakes, wild chickens, sheeps and squirrels in the forest area in Agabeyli neighborhood in Cihanbeyli county. Torku Forest at 70th kilometer of Konya-Ankara highway also contributes to protecting ecological balance of the region.

Konya Seker provided all kinds of support for students, who needed it, in addition to assuming all expenses of Konya Seker primary school in the framework of education support campaign in the previous years. Also supporting “Mother and Daughter, we are at school,” campaign, Konya Seker helped the students, who participated in the literacy courses, organized throughout the city in the framework of the protocol, it signed with Konya Directorate of National Education. Konya Seker planted trees on behalf of students, who learned to read and write and supported education in the framework of social responsibility activities by participating in the activity, which targeted at least 116 thousand and 962 people, who were illiterate to become literate.

Organizing blood donor campaigns periodically at all its participations, Konya Seker has blood donor at an amount, which increases in comparison to the previous campaign period, in the framework of the campaign, it carries out with Kizilay. Konya Seker employees donated 1661 units of blood in the last campaign.

Number of donors at Konya Seker, which carries out organ donor campaign at all its participations, has reached 3020 and Konya seker was honored with certificates by the Ministry of Health, due to its success in organ donation in 2012 and 2016, proving that it has fulfilled the social responsibility for the first time in Turkey.

Reaching 90 per cent in corporate participation in organ donation, which is a record, Konya Seker also conducted health screening in villages with “health for the producers” project, it brought into being in cooperation with Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Medicine and provided medical materials for those, who needed them.

Konya Seker has created the infrastructure, which allows athletes of the future to be brought up to grow healthy by participating in sports activities, in order to support sports. Carrying out its activities to this end, Konya Torku Sekerpor Club Professional bicycle team had international success and became the only Turkish team to represent our country ih the International Presidency Bicycle Tour. Konya Seker trasnferred its Professional football team, competing in the second league, to Konyaspor with a merging decision in 2012. Konya Seker continues to support sports and athletes for healthy generations.