Tarkop is a Konya Seker Farmer’s Portal. You can Access your site at www.tarkop.com address and the page, where you own information is found, using the password in your "FARMER’S IDENTIFICATION CARDS," which have been distributed to you or by calling Konya Seker San ve Tic. A.S. on the telephone and make use of the announcements, which we will make instantly, related to the services and participations, offered by Konya Seker. You will also be able to make use of the training, prepared for you and have information.

 You will be able to find out about the prices of the products, you have delivered to Konya Seker Factory, the advances you have received and your premiums instantly by using this page by accessing financial information.

 You will also be able to find soil structure of your planted farm fields, development status of your plants and weather forecast in this page.

 You can find detailed training information in your page.