Konya University of Food and Agriculture

Being the end user of information and technology and the new generation not foreseeing any future in the sector and getting out of the sector and the sector not being able to make use of successful youngsters is among the greatest problems of the agricultural sector. Other problems, which are important for the sector are accumulated capital going to other sectors, the sector not being able to grow with its own dynamics, youngsters, who receive agricultural engineering, food engineering and veterinary medicine education receive theoretical instead of practical education and start their career, hesitating related to practices about their careers. Other problems, which are at least as important as these, are us not being able to produce the technology, which will be used in industrial processes to turn the agricultural products into value added state and not being able to manage branding and marketing processes at the required standards. Both high amounts are paid to reach the technology and these technological innovations and information, which are reached late decrease our competitive power due to the first producers discovering new ones due to this situation, which causes us to be the end user in the food industry and agricultural industry.

Konya Seker started off to bring a University of Food and Agriculture in Konya, which is like its examples abroad, in order to be able to supply the infrastructure, which will bring a solution for all these problems and provide quality information for the sector. Having completed its activities to establish Konya University of Food and Agriculture, examined universities, whose successes are indisputable, in a wide geographical region in the world from the Far East to Europe and America, during its studies, it carried out meticulously. It signed various cooperation protocols with pioneering universities in this field in The Netherlands, Japan, Germany and The USA, which have been active for tens of years, by visiting them. Determined to bring Konya University of Food and Agriculture to Konya, it considers to be the capital city of agriculture, this attempt of Konya Seker has been brought into being legally after relevant institution law was published in the Official Gazette, dated 18 June 2013.

From this date onwards, Rector, Deputy Rector, Dean and Managers were appointed and Research Assistants, Lecturers, R&D personnel and administrative personnel were recruited. Authority to teach in English language, which is an important factor for the university to gain an international dimension has been approved by the Higher Education Institution. Total of 20 students were accepted for the Plant Production and Technologies and Molecular Biology and Genetics Undergraduate programs under Life Sciences programs at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, total of 30 students for the Bioengineering, Food Engineering and Computer Engineering Undergraduate programs in Engineering Program and a total of 20 students have been accepted for the International Business and Management and Economy Undergraduate programs in the Social and Human Sciences in the Faculty Economics and Administrative Sciences program during the Fall Semester of 2016/2017 academic year and Konya University of Food and Agriculture was positioned at 25.000 base points success ranking and became the university in Turkey, which accepts students with the highest points in Turkey according to  OSYS (Student Selection and Placement Test) results in 2016.